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Cynthia Widlitze - Adduco - Selling Expertise

Cynthia Widlitze

Sales and Leadership


Meet Cynthia
Cynthia Widlitze - Adduco - Increase Revenue Without Selling Anything

Learn to increase revenue
without selling anything


Cynthia helps you succeed
Cynthia's Services
Cynthia Widlitze - Adduco - Helping Businesses and Individuals

30+ years of experience
in B2B and B2C


Helping businesses & individuals
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Cynthia Widlitze


Packed with the knowledge gained from extensive experience in sales and leadership, Cynthias’ presentations are entrenched with powerful, engaging messages that are extremely relative and very entertaining.

Her sales and leadership skills will provide your audience with specific, actionable behaviors to create more success for your team and your organization.



of Experience

Cynthia is passionate about helping businesses and individuals achieve more. Adduco Consulting strategizes to design, implement, and coach customized programs to get – and keep – you on the track to success!
Expertise in
Sales and Leadership

About Cynthia

Professional Speaker
Sales Coach
Sales Consultant

Cynthia Widlitze - Adduco - Sales Coaching

Cynthia teaches how to increase your revenue without selling anything!

Cynthia teaches how to increase your sales through implementing specific, simple and repeatable behaviors.

Corporate Sales and Leadership

With a background in consumer as well as corporate sales and leadership, Cynthia’s career spans a number of industries, including construction, business and financial services. After beginning in an entry-level position, Cynthia succeeded in earning a position in executive management through diligent work, an outstanding work ethic and a deliberate focus on increasing her value to the organizations for which she worked. Cynthia is now a sought-after professional whose work effects significant, positive results in the culture and sales of her clients.

Increasing your sales doesn’t have to be that hard.

Cynthia works with her clients to achieve sales growth and high-impact leadership through coaching simple, actionable behaviors that produce real results.

Increasing your sales doesn’t have to be that hard. Cynthia educates her audiences on simple and repeatable actions that reveal how simple sales is – as long as you do it the right way!

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We’re all in Sales

Cynthia's Services

Looking for a speaker for your event who offers more than just a feel-good message?

Someone who delivers content custom-designed to educate your staff on breaking through the fog of how to increase sales? Packed with relative and powerful information as well as real life stories, Cynthia is an engaging, humorous presenter who inspires her audiences to implement the specific skills she shares to drive significant positive results to your bottom line.

Are you bringing your team together for a training event or
annual conference?

Have you identified an opportunity for improving the skills of your employees and need an expert’s help? From understanding the components of effective communication to successfully uncovering your customers’ needs and closing the sale, Cynthia will custom-design an engaging and educational workshop for your organization.

Coaching has proven to increase revenue anywhere from 19%
to in-excess of 200%.

High performing companies provide 15% - 20% more coaching. By coaching, whether conducted One-on-One with sales staff and/or leadership personnel, or as a group with your sales and/or leadership team, Cynthia works with your organization to coach and implement actionable skills to develop consistent behaviors which result in achieving your companys’ desired results. COACHING is an ongoing learning process yielding significant results.

So many individuals and businesses struggle with flat or
declining sales and are uncertain how to change direction.

Momentum Coaching Groups provide the forum for digging deep into each aspect of sales and learn how to positively impact change in your business. These virtual sessions, comprised of salespeople and business owners throughout the country, deliver content from the convenience of your office and are created in a format that allows learning from others’ experiences.

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Cynthia teaches how to increase your revenue without selling anything.

We’re all in Sales!